The "Give Me Shelter" Story Show
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The "Give Me Shelter" Story Show

  • Marion Ross Performing Arts Center (map)
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Mark your calendars for the “Give Me Shelter” Story Show, Saturday, January 12, 2019
here to buy tickets online. All proceeds will go to the Freeborn County Humane Society.

Storytellers : Edith Haenel, David Behling, Terry Gjersvik, Jim Wichmann, Jim, Haney, Jen Vogt-Erickson, Mariah Maras, and Jenny Corey-Gruenes
Musician: Jeshua Erickson

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to Jun 14


It is official. It is set, and we are excited to announce it. The next edition of The Story Show will be Thursday, July 26 at The Marion Ross Performing Arts Center. This Story Show is dedicated to Randy Kehr, and the theme is “Let Your Light Shine.” All of the proceeds of this Story Show will be dedicated to “Spruce up Albert Lea for Christmas.” We will again wrap ourselves in twinkling lights and celebrate the bright light that shines in all of us. 

Sometimes there is a light that shines so bright and leads us so faithfully that when it goes out, for a moment we think it is dark. But then we look around and see hundreds of lights twinkling all around us and even our own light is shining bright. Randy Kehr was one of those bright lights. He was a committed community steward, strong coalition builder, selfless mentor, and tireless volunteer; one of those quiet leaders who led by example and inspired others to lead. Randy loved Albert Lea and was so proud of our accomplishments. He watched us shine and truly thought we were the brightest star in the sky. 
One of Randy’s first volunteer efforts in Albert Lea was raising money for Christmas lights and decorations. Along with other community members he worked hard and the monies were raised. That Christmas and for many that followed Albert Lea was wrapped in warm twinkling lights. Years have passed and our decorations have faded, but our bright lights must shine on.

If Randy were with us today, he would be out there raising money for Christmas lights making sure that our community continues to be warm, welcoming, and bright. Like Randy, we can be community stewards, willing volunteers, and committed leaders. We can inspire others and in doing so inspire ourselves. We can tell our stories, learn from each other, and make our community shine bright with promise. 
If you connect with the theme of “Let Your Light Shine,” we would love for you to submit a story. Stories should be about 5-7 minutes in length or about 1000-1500 word count. Story submission deadline is June 14. You can submit stories to

If it meets the deadline and it is about the theme “Let Your Light Shine” then it will be considered. We thank you, in advance, for your submissions. And even if you don't plan to submit, please put the date on your calendar to attend another great edition of a blossoming Albert Lea tradition: The Story Show

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